Chicago Questions about Fingerprinting and the Process

[columns gutter=”20″][one_half]Live Scan is ink-less electronic fingerprinting. The applicant’s fingerprints are electronically transmitted to the Department of Justice or FBI for a completion of a criminal record check. The Live Scan technology replaces the process of recording fingerprint patterns through a rolling process using ink. Ink fingerprinting is still required in many states. Digitizing the fingerprint images enables service providers like KENTECH Live Scan to electronically transmit fingerprints to the Illinois State Police and FBI in a matter of seconds, instead of the days required to send hard copy fingerprint cards through the mail.[/one_half][one_half]fingerprint-services-chicagoland[/one_half][/columns]

Who Needs Live Scan Fingerprinting Anyway?

Real Estate Licensees, DMV Licensed Professionals, Notaries, Foster Parents, Teachers, Appraisers, Care Givers, Stock Brokers,Contractors, Nurses, Doctors, Surgeons, Security Guards, Volunteers, Lawyers, etc.


What are the benefits of Live Scan Fingerprinting?

The Live Scan process helps in avoiding many of the problems associated with ink prints, such as smudging, smearing, and over or under inking. A major benefit of Live Scan is that your fingerprints are transmitted directly to the ISP who conducts a criminal background check, based on your fingerprints, results are sent within 24 to 48 hours to you your, employer or licensing agency.

What is the difference between Livescan fingerprints and print cards?

Livescan fingerprints are captured electronically by a digital fingerprint scanner and a trained technician; fingerprints captured via livescan allow for a much faster and more accurate fingerprint collection process. Prints can be transmitted electronically to drastically reduce processing time, as well as provide a much higher quality of print collection to significantly reduce rejections, or fingerprints that cannot be “read” by the FBI’s automated fingerprint information system.


I have been fingerprinted several times in the past. Can you just use those prints?

Unfortunately No. Previously collected fingerprints are not retrievable or transferable from other state or federal agencies. It is required to have a new set of fingerprints collected everytime you seek a new license or government required position.


I am required to have a photo included with my Background Check. Do you provide this?

Yes our equipment is ‘Photo Capture Capable’ and approved by ISP and FBI that allows for electronically submission of your photo along with your fingerprints.


What is the ORI # (Originating Agency Identifier)?

The ORI# is provided by ISP (Illinois State Police) and identifies the agency that is requesting and will receive the results of the background check. i.e. Dept. of Agriculture, Illinois Dept. of Finance Professional Regulation (IDFPR) or even your employer organization. ISP will NOT process a background check request without an ORI#. It is critical to have the correct, current ORI# assigned to the agency requesting your background check. If the individual requesting your background check does not know the correct ORI#, they should inquire and confirm with their state regulatory agency. Here’s a list of commonly used ORI


Where do my background checks results go?

The results of your background check are sent from ISP and or FBI to the designated state agency.


How long will my appointment to have my fingerprints collected take?

Your fingerprinting appointment will take approximately 5-10 minutes. Our trained technicians will look up your appointment information, verify your identification, and collect payment and your fingerprints. Fast and Efficient


What forms of payment are accepted?

Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Visa, Cash and Cashier Checks are accepted. No Personal Checks.


How can I be sure that my personal information is protected during the fingerprinting process?

KENTECH is committed to safeguarding the privacy of the data we receive and process. For more in-depth information regarding our privacy practices, please view our Privacy Policy, which is published on our website.


What happens if my fingerprints are rejected or considered “illegible” by the FBI?

While Livescan fingerprint collection process is very good at recording all of the details of most individuals’ fingerprints, there are always cases where an individual fingerprint file cannot be “read” by the FBI’s automated fingerprint information system. In these cases, KENTECH will notify you and reschedule a fingerprint collection at no cost


What do I need to do have my fingerprints Take?

Simply Schedule an appointment. Bring government ID, and Payment.

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