ChildSafe ID Kit


Gain Piece of Mind


Each year nearly 1 million children are reported missing; and yet, only about 3% of parents have taken the time to ensure they are prepared to assist law enforcement and emergency personnel. When every second counts, make certain you have key identification information for your child readily available. Research has also shown that it is critical for parents and police to have fingerprints, vital statistics and a current photo on hand to use for comparison when a missing child is believed to be found.  



ChildSafe ID Kit is a fast, easy, inkless, and secure way to provide parents with their child’s vital information at their fingertips. Using the latest technology we capture the fingerprints of each hand along with a full digital head and shoulder photograph. The above information is then saved on USB/CD and handed to parent for safe keeping.

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  • FBI Certified Technology – We use inkless biometric livescan technology for fast easy and child friendly processing
  • CD/USB Storage Technique – Most child ID’s give you a card that wears and fades over time, making fingerprints unreadable. Our CD/USB’s are made to last storage includes digital fingerprints, a photo, personal information such as height, eye color, etc. that can be uploaded to the local authorities in a moment’s notice.
  • Information Destruction -To safeguard against misuse of the child’s information, the Child ID software discards all captured information upon closing the application, providing parents with the peace of mind in knowing that they have the only copy of their child’s information.



Why ChildSafe ID Kit from KENTECH?

KENTECH is a licensed Private Detective Agency that provide investigative services for the largest Law Enforcement Agencies in the country. Our location is staffed with trained and certified fingerprints technicians where your child will have his/her photo taken and fingerprints captured on a live scan device. No need to go to a local police station or go through the mess of rolling fingers through ink. Don’t risk using Do-It-Yourself kits where the fingerprints may not be usable in a time of crisis. Make certain you have clean, accurate fingerprints captured by our professionals.


Why are ChildSafe ID Kit is Important

The use of biometrics – specifically fingerprints – is a mainstay for law enforcement officials today. The more advanced the technology has become, the more successful they are in finding matches and locating children who are then reunited with their parents. In many cases, missing children are either runaways or abducted by family members or relatives. In both scenarios, they are often forced into criminal activities where they leave their fingerprints behind. Children are also reported missing after natural disasters where families are separated and placed in different shelters. Having your child’s fingerprints, photo and other details available for uploading into police and emergency databases increases the likelihood they can be identified and returned.

Maintaining an updated Child ID is an easy and effective way for families to have crucial information needed by authorities in the case of an emergency.